Windows 8 140201 : Wiz driver install incomplete

If plugging the Wiz or Wireless dongle for a first time, Windows should go on-line and seek out its driver to install. It may ask you twice to allow it to install.

If this automatic process fails, look in Windows Device Manager (to access in Windows 8, right click the lower left corner icon). If there is an item with a question mark against it indicating an unsuccessful install, right click and select “Update Driver Software…” This will re-initiate the automatic process.

If this fails again, then right click again, this time select “Uninstall”. Remove the Wiz/wireless dongle, and re-insert to start the process again.

With a successful installation you in Windows Device Manager you will have an item under “Ports” called Pocket Neurobics Wireless Dongle. Take note of the COM port assigned by Windows (eg “COM3”)as this is the one piece of information that needs to be passed to BioExplorer or other software. See the install instructions for the software for further info.