Windows 8 140201 : 64-bit BioExplorer HASP is not recognised

On a Windows 8 64-bit machine  (esp Windows 8.1 Pro), if the BioExplorer installation proceeds correctly and the BioExplorer HASP security dongle installation also proceeds (it may or may not give a compatibility warning at the end of the installation) to the extent that the HASP red light comes on, but BioExplorer cannot find it and hence won’t run, then you may need to update the HASP driver (that was embedded in the BioExplorer installation file).

This is simply a matter of going to the site below and installing the driver after it has downloaded. Your HASP can be plugged in whilst this update proceed. You will see the red light on the HASP blink as the new driver takes over.

BioExplorer should then be able to find the driver and happily run.