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    repair of Wiz units in or out of 6 month warranty
    • Repair service for manufacturing defect of your equipment under warranty is free - you just need to pay shipping. Shipping amount will vary depending on where you live - when you purchase the service, please do it as you are going to have it delivered to your home like any other equipment.
    • Most of the time we can repair your equipment out of warranty or damaged by misuse, please purchase the service and shipping we will send you a quote for repairs once the unit is received and we can assess if further charges are needed.
    • No matter which case, always wait for an email with instructions on where to send the equipment after purchasing the repair service.
    • Please NOTE: in rare occasions, a piece of equipment might be so damaged or it is so old it will not be possible to repair. In these cases, we will notify you and provide you with alternatives.
    • Having made payment as required, please use "Questions" tab for advice on where item needs to be sent.
    Please choose the type of service you need below.
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