Q-wiz BYO

From: US$ 995.00

Multiple modalities of neurofeedback training. Real-time LED display of bio-signal. Beautifully designed and built to last.

  • 4 channel EEG
  • 21-ch EEG Cap interface
  • 2 channel nIR HEG
  • 1 channel pIR HEG
  • Slow Cortical Potential
  • ECG
  • EMG
  • Othmer Low Frequency
  • Heart Rate by finger sensor
The Q-Wiz elemental ships with the unit and USB cable only. For complete systems, please choose the Build Your Own  link.
  • view the Q-wiz user manual HERE.
  • watch the introductory video HERE.
Choose from the options below.

electrodes silver  long 4ch 100cm (+$140)
 short 2ch 60cm (+$120)
software  BioExplorer (+$425)
Ag/AgCl electrode set  (+$120)
caps (+$425)  x sm
 x lge
wireless option  (+ $59)
pulse sensor  (+$59)