wireless kit

US$ 59.00

  • The wireless dongle is required by the PC to receive wireless signals from Wiz devices. The wireless dongle is optional for the Q-wiz, E-wiz & H-wiz which can alternately communicate directly over USB, but is required for the W-wiz and N-wiz which are wireless only devices. The W-wiz & N-wiz ship with a wireless dongle included. Thus the purpose of this item is to enable wireless for the Q-wiz, E-wiz or H-wiz or to be a replacement  dongle for the W-wiz or N-wiz.
  • The PC operating system sees each dongle as a unique device, so a new driver is to be installed with each new dongle. If you have more than one Wiz operating wirelessly, only one dongle is required unless you wish to operate both devices concurrently. There are 8 wireless channels possible, so up to 8 devices can be operated in the same room.
  • The Windows driver for the dongle can be installed automatically by Windows from its on-line repositry.  The same driver is used for all flavors of Windows.