Driver 141101 : Windows doesn’t look for driver in its on-line repository, can’t find

It seems like some copies of Windows 7 – markedly Windows 7 machines which have been UPDATED from earlier versions of Windows – do not have Windows Group Policies setup.
My machine (a backup machine that was XP > updated to Win7) didn’t have it, so as soon as I inserted the QWiz into a USB port, I got an instant message allocating the device to the “Other Devices” category in Device Manager, with a warning.

Clicking “Update Driver” does nothing.So happens that what controls the “let’s go search for a driver for this device” feature is the said Group Policy that, as nonexistent, is set to NOT CONFIGURED. It’s not ON, it’s not OFF – it just IS.

If you insist enough times, Windows gets confused and does the install – but it’s not guaranteed.
Devices such as printers, keyboards and mice will work if connected, because Windows use the its own general drivers that it hides in the .INF folder.

The fix is messy – not complicated but very involved and full of steps. But before jumping into that, the first test to find out if this is the problem with a specific machine, do the following on Windows 7

1. Click on Start
2. Type  mmc gpedit.msc on the search box and Enter

If the Group Policy Window Open and it’s populated, go to the location shown in the picture below and check if the highlighted line says DISABLED.

If it does, you have a different problem.

if it does NOT, change it to disabled and reboot the machine without any equipment connected. When the machine comes up, connect it to Windows making sure you have an internet connection.

Problem Solved.


If you get an error message instead of the Group Policy window above, the messy fix is needed.

Working on documenting it now – will send information and necessary install files when ready.

NOTE: NOT saying this is the reason ALL of the drivers that failed failed – but this is definitely a strong possibility.