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About BioEra_For_AndroidCap_Command_BioEra

This installation procedure addresses BioEra_For_Android, that is, installing BioEra on Android Tablets, Smartphones and Smart TV dongles. For a more general discussion on BioEra and Android, please see here.

The installation procedure is relatively simple. There are no drivers to install, since the individual BioEra_For_Android designs have embedded in them the information they need to find the Wiz, and both BioEra_For_Android and designs can be directly downloaded over the web to the tablet.

BioEra is a platform for creating biofeedback applications. Configuring BioEra for a specific application is done by creating a “design” file. BioEra_For_Android is a subset of BioEra_For_Windows – some elements that have Windows-specific features are not available in BioEra_For_Android. Thus, in general, designs for BioEra_For_Android will work with BioEra_For_Windows, but not necessarily the other way. BioEra_For_Android designs have the suffix .abd and BioEra_For_Windows designs have the suffix .bpd.

You can either create your own BioEra_For_Android designs, using the illustrative designs provided free by PN as a starting point, or you can purchase from the store a suite of designs created by specialists – BioEra offers great degrees for freedom and is therefore quite complex. It has a significant learning curve.


Installing BioEra_For_Android – downloading designs in a zip fileWiz_Command_BioEra_Design

For the first part of this installation procedure, we assume that you will load and run one of the illustrative designs provided, then for the second part we will illustrate loading a commercial suite of designs. For these operations, BioEra_For_Windows is not needed at all.

Since we will be installing BioEra_For_Android not via the Play Store, but directly from a website, we need to ensure that in your Android devices’s Settings|Security that “Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store” is checked. It is not checked by default.

Having purchased an unlock code for BioEra_For_Android from the store – it will have been delivered to you by email – point your compliant Android device (see here for a discussion on compliant devices) to this web address and click “download installer”: . Grant permissions, then open. BioEra will run with its default design. Press “started” in the Action Bar to stop, then in the overflow button drop down list in the top right, choose “Other options”. In that list, select “Install files”. Here is where you enter the web address of a zip file containing BioEra_For_Android designs. If using your tablets browser to get here, you can long-press to “Copy link” then switch windows to BioEra and paste the zip file address. Allow quite some time for the download of the zip file to take place (wait for the pop-up “files installed successfully”). These downloaded designs will be remembered by the tablet and can be accessed by Overflow Button | Load design. Once loaded, the design will automatically start.

  •  All_Android_base_zip  –   designs provided by PN as a starting point for creating your own design
  • (future) – designs illustrating biofeedback techniques


Installing BioEra_For_Android – downloading a commercial package of designs (soon)

Commercial packages of biofeedback designs for BioEra_For_Android are available through the store. Once Checkout has concluded the link to the download is available in your account, and an emails containing the link address will be sent. Currently packages are available from

  • George Martin  ( (soon)
  • (future)