Driver 131001 : failed Install Under Win8

PN driver for the Wireless dongle or the Wiz products usually install OK under Win 8 by having Windows search it’s on-line repository. (Just remember to allow Windows to install the driver twice!). However on some machines issues arise. It seems vendor specific.

Win8 will not install drivers that are unsigned. The PN drivers are signed, however if you suspect Windows is tripping up on this point, you might try the following special procedure which then does allow installation of unsigned drivers. It might be particularly relevant if you give up on the auto install and try the manual auto installer referenced elsewhere in the FAQ.

To allow Win8 to install unsigned drivers, you will need to reboot in a special mode, first..

– pass mouse over lower right corner and choose “Settings”

– the “change PC settings” ->”General” and on the bottom under “Advanced startup”, click “Restart Now”

– choose “Troubleshoot” -> “Advanced options” ->”Startup Settings” and click “Restart”

– when restarting, options are shown, press key 7 for “Disable driver signature enforcement”

Unsigned drivers will now be accepted.