BioExplorer 130301 : status bar reports “Connecting…” even though the Pendant/Pocket is switched on?

When BioExplorer reports “Connecting..” and never “Connected” then the first thing to check is the green light on the wireless dongle. With the Pendant/Pocket switched off, the light should be off, then blink on every four seconds or so to indicate the wireless channel number that the dongle is tuned to (one blink for channel 1 etc).
When the Pendant/Pocket is switched on, the green light on the wireless dongle should change to mostly on, and blink off every four seconds.

To be connected, both the Pendant/Pocket and the dongle need to be on the same wireless channel, that is, the number of blinks on the Pendant and the dongle need to be the same (on the Pocket the channel number is indicated on the lower right corner of the screen when operating.)

If they are not, to change the wireless channel number see the User Manual for information (download from the “Manuals” page), Channel 1 is the default and is recommended unless there are multiple units in the same room.