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Download BioEra

  • BioEra_For_Windows_Trial – 2 weeks unrestricted, at which time creating Windows and Android designs remains unrestricted, however running them needs an un-lock code
  • BioEra_For_Windows_Commercial – un-lock code needed to be purchased from store
  • BioEra_For_Android – designs created in BioEra_For_Windows, then uploaded over LAN to BioEra_For_Android, which gets installed by pointing your Android Tablet’s browser to


BioEra Manuals

  • BioEra_For_Windows manual
  • BioEra_For_Android manual


About BioEra


BioEra has a drag and drop interface for creating designs and has a very large number of objects that can be deployed. Further, almost all properties of objects are accessible for updating at runtime. These degrees of freedom, in choice of objects and in setting parameters, comes at the cost of increased complexity. Thus creating designs under BioEra is normally the domain of the specialist. We provide a base set of designs that can be used as a starting point for your designs, and we also have a suite of designs available thru our store(future). The trial version of BioEra_For_Windows allows unrestricted use for developing new designs, however playing of the designs is time limited. The commercial version of BioEra_For_Windows is available thru our store.

BioEra_for_Android Tablets


Why Tablets?

  • lower cost
  • easy learning curve
  • no driver install
  • one-click install of software and designs over internet
  • portability

A no-brainer.

BioEra_For_Windows can create designs for Windows and Android. BioEra_For_Android designs will generally run on Windows, but Windows designs may not run on Android. The designs we provide here are For_Android designs, and the For_Windows variant  is mostly just a change in the Source object configuration. To develop a design For_Android, use BioEra_For_Windows and select New Android Design. This ensures that only those objects compatible with Android are available to the designer. The design can be tested on Windows or on the target Android Host device. First, to install BioEra_For_Android on your Tablet,

  • point the browser on your Android tablet to
  • select “Download Installer”
  • allow permissions
  • run BioEra_For_Android
  • in the top right corner select “Other Options” then
  • “Show Device Info”: this gives the address of the Tablet on the wireless LAN (eg
  • in BioEra_For_Windows, in the Design window, select Android|Connection Settings
  • enter the Device Host IP address discovered in the Show Device Info window on the tablet (eg
  • note that this address may not be fixed & the address may need to be updated from time to time
  • BioEra_For_Windows can now communicate  with BioEra_For_Android
  • in BioEra_For_Windows, select Android|Upload Design to the Device
  • the design will now run on the Android Tablet

Tablet OTG Ports      

BioEra is supported on Windows machines and Android Tablets. Many Android tablets have a micro-USB port supporting the On-The-Go (OTG) USB protocol. A special OTG cable is required to allow this port to act as a host USB port and thus allow interfacing to Wiz devices (either wirelessly or direct USB connection). This special OTG cable is identified b

y a micro-USB plug at one end and a FEMALE full-size USB A socket on the other.

However, not all Android tablets support third party use of the OTG port. Those that have been tested are listed below, and a list of further tablets that are likely to be OK are listed below that (we cannot guarantee the latter list).

Android App  USB Host Diagnostics is intended to advise whether 3rd party apps are accepted on your USB Host port. You will need a memory stick or mouse handy to plug into it to allow it to run its tests.

Tablet HDMI out

Some usage  scenarios favor mirroring the tablet’s screen onto a large TV or monitor. Many larger tablets will have a separate mini or micro HDMI output port, in addition to a micro-USB port, to allow this to happen. However smaller tablets and smartphones mostly combine the video-out and OTG functions into a single (micro-USB) connector. Thus a microUSB to HDMI adaptor cable is required. For Google devices, the standard for doing this is called SlimPort. As of Septemberr 2013,  SlimPort does not allow simultaneous use of video-out and OTG functions. Other smartphones and phablets use a standard called MHL to similar effect and limitations. To overcome this limitation, with the introduction of the S3, S4 and Note3, Samsung use a proprietary micro-USB connector with 11-pins. This allows, with the addition of the SmartDock, the sumultaneous use of OTG and video-out, making it a viable solution for big-screen neurofeedback applications.

Recommended Android Devices


Lo-end Tablet
AcerIconia A500Tablet 10"microHDMIfull USBeBay refurbished $160
Hi-end Tablet
GoogleNexus 10Tablet 10" hi-res, quadmicroHDMImicroOTG$400
SamsungS4Smartphone 5" quad SmartDock full HDMI (720p) + USB/wireless mouseSmartDock full USBOTG & HDMI simultaneous with SmartDock. $70 Plug in mouse for auto Landscape orientation
Smart TV Dongle
MK809 IIISmart TV dongle quadfullHDMI male + USB mouse full USB & microOTGeBay $80





Sample BioEra Designs

Designs for BioEra_For_Android can be downloaded as a single zip file directly to your Tablet. To do this, inside BioEra_For_Android, click the “stack” in the top right corner, choose “Other Options”, then “Install Files”. Then point it to the link to the zip file at the bottom of the table below. If you are reading this page from the browser on your Tablet, then you can long-press the link to the zip file at the end of the table below,  “Copy Link URL”, then paste the link address into the “Install Files” field in BioEra_For_Android.


Wiz base designs – a starting point


Android DesignWindows DesignDesign ScreenshotWindow1 ScreenshotWindow2 ScreenshotNotes
EEG2ch_Mode4aEEG2ch_Mode4aEEG2ch_Mode4aEEG2ch_Mode4acontinuous electrode impedance measure
EEG4ch_Mode4EEG4ch_Mode4EEG4ch_Mode4EEG4ch_Mode4EEG4ch_Mode42nd window controls EEG Cap
ExG2ch_Mode3ExG2ch_Mode3ExG2ch_Mode3ExG2ch_Mode3generic ECG, EMG, ECG, EEG, SCP
EEG_GPEEG_GPEEG_GPEEG_GPEEG_GPexercises most functions of the Wiz
All_Android_base_zipd/l direct to BioEra_For_Android (see above)


Wiz illustrative designs – coming soon